Soil & Root Health

Your tree is only as healthy as the soil environment.

The majority of tree problems are cause by people. From poor management practices in plant nurseries & improper installation by gardeners, to raising soil grade and planting turf grass against the stem, urban trees are under constant stress from ignorant practices. If these issues are corrected early, the tree may begin to thrive instead of merely surviving.

• Using an Airspade, original grade is reestablished.

• Compacted soil is aerated.

59Degrees science backed root injections promote beneficial microbial life in the soil environment, to ensure optimal expressions of vigour and health.

• A layer of partially composted wood chip mulch is applied to retain soil moisture and build soil structure.

“Du var och fixade vårt plommonträd. Det har aldrig blommat så fint eller gett så mycket frukt som nu!”

— Maria Hedlund, Eskilstuna