Risk Mitigation

Risk can never be eliminated, it can only be managed.

At Affinity for Trees, we understand that the beauty of an urban landscape is intrinsically linked to the health and safety of its trees. Our I.S.A. certified arborist, James Synnerstedt, brings over two decades of experience to the complex task of tree risk management. Recognizing that risk can never be entirely eliminated, only managed, we focus on determining the best course of action for each tree. Through careful assessment, we decide whether a tree can be saved with remedial pruning or if removal is necessary to maintain a safe environment. Our services are not just about eliminating hazards; they’re about preserving the natural beauty and integrity of your urban space. Trust us to balance safety with aesthetics, ensuring your trees contribute positively to your landscape’s charm and safety.

“Tack vare James professionella och kärleksfulla vård av våra gamla fruktträd har vår trädgård fått ett stort lyft. ”

— Ingrid och Peter, Strängnäs